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I build this website to share the delights with others and leave a memory of a charming holiday spent in Kenya from 4th to 19th of February 2007, a two-week journey (7 days safari and 7 days in the resort on the sea) of adventure and discovery, organized by African Safari Club. We left Milan from Malpensa airport on 4th February and we arrived in Mombasa after 10 hours flight, early in the morning, with an intermediate landing in Zanzibar. We spent our first day in Shanzu at hotel Shanzu Beach where we relax after flight, and take a walk at the local places. The day after we proceeded with a van for a safari tour named "Out of Africa".


The "Out of Africa" safari is a tour of four national parks of Kenya: Tsavo Est, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara and Kilimanjaro Kimana. At every village we were accommodated in small bungalows. We moved with a little plane (maximum 20 passengers) between national parks and our group was composed of 18 people. That was a nice and exciting experience for lot of us, while we take so small aircraft for the first time.

We saw almost all the African animals except for leopard and cheetah. We admired the landscapes of National parks, very different in kind and nature, clean and flavorful air and wild world of animals. We spent our time with our new friends: Johanna and Albert, Germans and Gill and Jonathan, English. We had good time together, full of great moments! The Safari organization was perfect: very punctual, without hitches and with a great diversification of program on different days, in different villages.

Holiday on Sea

We spent our last 7 days of this holiday in Watamu, in a touristic resort on Watamu Beach. The White sand beaches were beautiful! Pity that high swell (about 3 meters) deposits sea waste on the beach and the low swell make it impossible to swim. Fortunately, there was a swimming pool if one wanted to swim. In fact, there was a remarkable quantity of vegetation in the sea.

Near to our resort there was Watamu village where the majority of the people are Muslims. The Christian's colony was situated not very far from Muslim's colony. It was interesting to find out how many Italians are permanent residents at Watamu and Malindi since many years. We spent half day sightseeing Malindi and the other half going around in the boat, a trip organized by the beach boys.

We enjoyed the company of two Italian couples that we met in this vacation in Kenya: Angela and Andrea, and Silvia and Luca with whom we became friends. They live not far from us in Milan (the world really is small) and after all this years we see them often. Travel doesn’t mean only see the new place, but meet new friends, too.

10 years after

I am writing this paragraph 10 years after this fantastic trip. Still today is at the top of my top tourist list. I did a lot of journey in the past years, but nothing left me such a strong footprint as the safari in Kenya. I do not go back to the places I have visited because I prefer to see those unknown. The area of East Africa offers so many spectacular destinations. In 2012 I spent a week on the Mafia Island. It is a small piece of land surrounded by the Indian Ocean that belongs to Tanzania. Seven days of relaxation on the beach and going around the country, socializing with the local people. The owner of the lodge spent lot of time in Zanzibar and he strongly advised me to visit that island.

A sand beach of Zanzibar

I did it, this year 2017, in March. The curiosity of this trip was that I used the same flight as when I went to Kenya, but this time I landed and boarded at Zanzibar, while I spent an hour at the airport of Mombasa expecting that the plane was cleaned. Zanzibar is a fantastic place, wrapped in spice fragrances. After 5 days at the beach, to the north of the island (they told me that the sea was the most beautiful in that area, and they did not go wrong) I moved for two nights in the capital city. It is an amazing city where it blends west and east, Africa and Asia. A delightful cultural and culinary mix. We stayed at a hotel that was, until some 200 years ago, the home of the Minister of Finance of the Omani Sultan who governed the island at the time. The most beautiful place I've ever stayed, with a fantastic view to the city and the Indian Ocean.

I was watching one of the news this morning. There was talk of the meeting in Egypt on climate change and it came out that the world's leaders cannot agree on how to solve the problem. The countries of Africa, among other things the poorest ones, are the ones that suffer the most from climate change. Unfortunately, among them there is also Kenya where it hasn't rained for three years. It was decided to help all of Africa with a contribution from the richest countries of one billion dollars. A truly negligible figure and hypocrisy skyrocketing. We are at the end of 2022, but the world is still the same and does not change. The rich get richer at the expense of the poorer who get poorer.

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