Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is a world famous bird sanctuary and home to millions of flamingos. There are also lots of other interesting wildlife species such as the white rhino, leopard, lion, waterbuck etc. We stayed there half day to admire this paradise! The plain landed on the soil treated airstrip and immediately after we leaved the plain, we found a buffalo at 30 meters from as, that wanted to greet as. After we have known local stuff, we started our visit in one Land Rover, and one of the first animals that we sow was a rhino, an animal that is not easy to see in Kenya.


A rhino expected us at only few meters from our van.          Giraffe eats sheets from a high tree.

The rhino was there, 3 meters in the front of our cars, immovable, observing us as a very normal and unimportant thing. And you will not belive, he practically posing for us: from the front, left side and back, too. Our digital cameras shot hundreds of photos, but he didn’t matter. A bird on his back seemed to be only been that he care about. The lake was full of flamingos, and they, with their beautiful pink color, and mirroring in the water, made a relay spectacular landscape. Together with flamingos, there were lot of other animals that drinking salt, lake water.


Thousands of flamingos are staying in the Nakuru Lake.         


We had lunch at a restaurants at Lake Nakuru Lodge, a beautiful place, full of flowers and with an amazing view. Albert, one of the participants, promised to himself to be back here for at least one week, to enjoy this amazing nature and animals. The place gave an interior peace to all of us, making us part of that world.

Entrance in Lake Nakuru Lodge          Wonderful landscape from the restaurant’s terrace

After the lunch time we proceeded with the same plane to Masai Mara. The flight was rather turbulence due to frequently loosing of the quote, and some tourists had problems with stomach, that is not very strange after good and abundant lunch that we had at Lake Nakuru Lodge.

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