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Monkey has a lot of fun looking for food
Ten years after this extraordinary trip I have been browsing the photos and videos of my archive. There are only a few here on the site, chosen from over 700 files in collection. Examining them I had a lot of fun with the video I put on and that initially wasn’t set here. In one of the camps we visited there were so many monkeys that they made companion to tourists. Often they tried to steal food and some visitors even had some fear of getting closer. I took this as he walked beside the riverbed running in field. The monkey was eating what he found in the grass. Under the burning sun, he kept strictly in the shadows.

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I cannot believe that from this spectacular trip already passed more than one decade. After I did other photo safaris in South Africa, Swaziland and Namibia, but not of them can compete with the huge grasslands of Kenya, wild nature, and smiles of people. Here are some more photography that I excavated from my old hard disk.

The high grass is an excellent hideout for animals    A wood of very exotic trees    The lion has hungry and looks for some food    Lions: a group of males in the shade, after a hard day

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The Golden Peaks of Kilimanjaro    A kind of African rabbit in the burrow    Landscape of savanna from a gazebo    Herd of buffalo grazing grass

Burma In March 2008, my wife and me have undertaken a tour in Burma. The voyage was prepared by Rallo Viaggi, an excellent tour operator from Milan, Italy, that unfortunately was failed after our trip. It was an exclusive excursion, just for 2 persons under the supervision of our local guide Luis. He stayed and traveled with us for 14 days. We had dedicated car driver, who was different in diverse cities and places we visited. This site is a record of our journey with lot of high quality photos, and movie clips of lovely places we've visited. The pages are time ordered and there are description of our activities. This exotic trip will persist for always in our souls. Few weeks after we turned back in Italy a horrible flood happened and thousands of people were death. We sent Luis a modest quantity of money to help his villagers to face the problems and to resume a normal life. In the meantime lot of waters flowed under the bridges but we are still in contact with him; he is a beautiful person.

It's been 14 years since this trip. We are in the year 2021, at the end of November. We have been on probation for a year and a half. This virus, like all other things Made in China, affects our life. A microscopic thing, you can't see it and you almost can't believe it exists, it keeps us in prison. I work from home and I don't complain so much. It doesn't even bother me not being able to go to a restaurant or a cinema. However, there is one thing I really can't stand: you can't travel. It is not entirely true what I am saying. In fact, there are flights, hotels are open and tourist agencies are working, but my age is quite advanced and I'm afraid. Being on a plane, indoors for many hours, with one hundred or two hundred other people does not convince me. Operators say that everything is sanitized, that the air is recycled and filtered, but I still don't have the courage to take risks. Hopefully this thing goes quickly.

Internet points were present in some hotels of Burma, but the state censorship was so hard that I couldn't access not even Google. Right of entry for my e-mail account was blocked and I didn't know what to do. But Burmese people are smart and one of them show me Free Proxy Surf, That allowed me to control my posts and to have some information I needed. I still use it today, and it works decently, with good speed and precision.

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