Videos from Kenya

My digital camera can also be used as a video camera. The quality is not great but it's a useful option. The camera is small and offers both functions. Here I have collected some videos taken during our trip to Kenya and you can view movements and listen to the sounds of our African adventure. It will certainly be very beautiful and exciting to watch these videos in a few years, to look back on unforgettable moments.

During our visit in the village of the Masai we have also seen a show, set up for tourists and it was included in the entry price, a tribal dance. The singing of the women accompanying a rhythmic dance to which young children partecipate in the village. I tried to understand in which occasion they dance, if for parties or as a rite before the hunt. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't get this information.

Our first morning was very exciting. We woke up while the guardians were controlling the Savanna. After several controls, the first lion was spotted and the tourists went to see "the king" of the jungle (in this case of the Savanna). The result was amazing better than in the movies or cartoons. We saw the lion next to the river, his movements were very elegant. Now I understand why he is called "the king". He was passing by slowly. He seemed not to mind the people who were watching him; it was a very powerful moment! Ten minutes of an intense meeting. Then he decided to leave. We saw him disappear into the middle of the trees.

We spent an entire day outside of camp, in Masai Mara's park, bringing our lunch boxes with us. At lunch time we stopped next to a lake, well, actually it wasn’t a real lake but an extension of the river. The water was flowing slowly and we saw a hippopotamus! They were chilling in the water trying to avoid the sun’s rays. Hippopotamus are active in the night when they must find something to eat, so, I guess they were conserving their energy by doing absolutely nothing! As my dad always said, sometimes life is really hard.

In the morning we went out for a walk. Our guide took us to visit a primary school and to interact with the children. They were so nice with us. They also sang for us. Many tourists were prepared for this occasion. They brought scholastic material, pencils and notebooks, whilst others including myself also made donations, by leaving a contribution of a few dollars or euros. Poor people but always with a smile on the face.

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