Watamu's gulf

We arrived in Watamu, from little airport of Momabasa, at about. 9 p.m. Before we took our bungalow we went to the dinner, and we had a little shock: the hotel restaurant was a classic tourist one, with some hundred of tables, full of people. After intimacy that we found doing safari, where we were with only 20 persons, that we knew all, after first 2 - 3 days, this industrial tourism we didn't like very much. Of course, this was fortunately first impression, and a day after we adopted to the new situation.

Panoramic view to the white beach of Watamu

I'd like very much the panoramic photo above, but I made one mistake making it: I didn't fixed the exposition of my digital camera, so the part at the left is more bright, respect the right part, due to the fact that the left photo had less light because the shadow of the tree, so camera made more exposition, and the result is this.

a walk in the sea      


The hotel was practically on in the center of Watamu, so we went frequently to the center of the place to visit shops, and local crafts. As I mentioned on the home page of the site, we visited the Christian part of the city. There, in one, lets call it, bar, we drunk a glass of palm's vine, and I must say that, for my taste, it was not very good (definitively, I prefer normal vine).

         elementary school in Watamu


Snake and crocodile farm in Malindi

We did a little trip, one afternoon, to the city of Malindi, and we visited a farm where snakes and crocodiles were raised. I think that the farm sell the meet of crocodiles, too. I was very brave, so you can admire below my photos with one little, not dangerous crocodile, and with a big boa, a very dangerous snake. There was a hundred years old turtle, called from the staff Maria, that was main attraction for the kids.

tortoise called Maria         

   snake on my neck   

Birds park in Malindi

Always in Malind, we visited a nice bird park, with lot of local birds exhibited for tourists.

         a hawk

Wood-carving factory in Malindi

Malind is an important center of wood-carving crafts, so we paid a visit to the biggest factory of the city, where about 300 peoples work.

   two sculptures in wood   


Here are some photo that I did in the center of Malindi.

city of Melindi         


Geda is the major archeological site in Africa, and it's dated in 12th century.

an old baobab

Boat trip

One of the day of our staying in Watamu, we went in a trip with a boat. The trip was organized by local guys, called "beach boys", that looking for the clients on the beaches. They organized transport from tourist hotels to the boat, panoramic navigation, that included one hour snorkeling too, and at the end we had a lunch in one beach, where they prepared grilled fish. I eat for the first time barracuda, so called "Tiger of the Sea" due to its fearsome appearance , and it was very, very good. There were lobsters too, but grilled too much. One pause after lunch to pass the food we eat, and we went back to the hotel before the dinner.


pirates boat         

Dinner with Angela, Andrea, Silvia and Luca

The last evening of our stay in Watamu, Andrea, one of our new friends from Italy, arrange with one of the beach boys, a dinner in one reastaurant, but all the foods were prepered form our kenian friend. Menu was very similar as in the boat trip, but this time the lobser was betters cooked.

   dinner with friends

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